Tokyo has an amazing and diverse Art scene. I do my best to keep track of all the new exhibits and galleries that spark my interest. I have passion for all forms of Art, but recently I am fixated on photography. Maybe because I am currently studying a bit of photography and I can now appreciate all of the details and different aspects needed to create an amazing image.

Recently a gal pal and I attended the opening of an exhibit for the famous Benjamin Lee. Please check out his extensive resume here. His images have not only graced the spreads of multiple high fashion magazines, but he has been praised for a number galleries all over the globe and famous for his interest in Surrealism.

His most recent exhibit called “The Escalating Imagination”, was full of images he shot in Mexico at the residence of  late Sir Edward James. James was a British heir who was said to have the finest collection of Surrealist paintings privately owned, which he kept at his home in Las Pozas, Mexico. Benjamin’s photographs of the Surrealist Sanctuary, were hung along the walls of a private dining club in Yurakucho, Tokyo. The party included art enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists, and multiple employees of the Mexican Embassy whom facilitated Benjamin’s travels and access to the Surrealist paintings.  Endless amounts of Mexican cuisine and cocktails were served as we enjoyed his portraits and pictures while listening to his journey through Mexico.


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