After going through all my photos from FNO, I decided to break up the blog posts to prevent consuming too much of your precious time.

Japan is already famous for incredible street style, so one can only imagine the stare-worthy looks that floated atop the sidewalks last Saturday. I wish I had captured them all, but my shutter speed just couldn’t keep up with these fashion beasts.

In addition to self-expressive, Japanese fashionistas, Tokyo was filled with famous bloggers from around the world. I am sad to say I didn’t get pics of mega-blogger Rumi Neely from, but I was able to get a few shots with Chiara from, and the Chicmuse herself, whom I think has amazing sense of her personal style and she’s gorgeous.

Love this look and LOVE her hat!

Love the Karl Lagerfeld Patch, plaid bag and juxtoposed, spike accessories.


Making LumberJack look high-fashion.. GET IT




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