I saw a glimpse of the Spring/Summer collection during Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion week, however I was still very eager to see the rest of the collection, which is named IDENTITY.  Each collection has been named after an eight-letter word, which must begin with a letter from the word, MASTERMIND. Starting with M and working down to D. Right now Homma is on I.
Walking through the fashion Showroom in Minami Aoyama, I was immediately drawn by the diversity of fabrics consisting of organic cottons, distressed jacquard, woven knits, tweeds, linen and even a t-shirt fabric resistant to odor. IDENTITY is what one may acquire when rocking one of these self-expressive pieces this spring. Lace dresses, damaged denim jackets, leather lace-up shorts and daring hand embroidered knits generated a mass mental wish-list in my mind as I grazed the racks around the perimeter of the flat.
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Here is a preview of some of the collector pieces you can see this Spring:
IDENTITY- The collection’s name

Notable details such as skulls embedded on delicate fabrics.

Signature Skulls on distressed denim

Order resistant T-Shirts

Hand drawn art by the designer on one of a kind Jackets

Hand embroidered dresses


Designer Homma with Nigo on Eyescream Magazine. Look out for the Mastermind x Bape Collaboration

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