Dominating the Florence skyline, is the DUOMO of The Cathedral of Florence. You can get a glimpse of this beautiful dome from every angle of the city, through narrow alleys and hotel balconies. The climb to the top is not for the claustrophobic, but it  is well worth the view. You see the hills of Tuscany, numerous landmarks and the lovely hues of blue in the horizon.

I can thank my ‘oh so comfortable’ TOMS for getting me up the 463 steps safely. Pairing with the glittering flats, I opted for a monochromatic blue ensemble that coincidentally allowed me to blend in with the shades of the sky.

On top of Firenze

BABY BLUE hue above the hills of Tuscany


 Maxi skirts have become a staple of mine, as I find them extremely versatile and fun to style. Go glam at night or rock a fun, flirty daytime look, like I styled for my day at the DUOMO.

DENIM Blue Jacket: Forever 21 
COBALT Blue basic tank: Zara

Cropped Jackets go hand in hand with maxi skirts and dresses. They accentuate curves and the short length prevents you from looking too boxy.

TURQUOISE Accessories: from Firenze and New York

I am usually not in favor of “matchy matchy” but I love the look of same color accessories.


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