“Here are a few of my favorite things….”

It’s no mystery that the season upon us is my most beloved time of year. Some may call it basic, but I just call it comfort. Once the weather is stable, the extremes from summer become bearable, providing a window of blissful, crisp autumn temps, before the harshness of winter crop up.

Dear Fall, 

You bring the most cozy and chic of fashion, delicious and satisfying recipes, and eye-candy foliage, you’d be a monster to ignore. As someone with human feelings and emotions, I can’t help but let my serotonin spike, when you make Central Park turn color, encourage recipe that promote slow cookers (this mama likes that), and allot the time to research Halloween costumes . So to all those who overlook your greatness, I say, “Throw a pumpkin on my head, because I am about to get all pinteresty in my “basic”, oasis.”

This is my car, my car doesn’t have an engine, it has, ME. So I push this around the city, blocks and blocks. I love my car, but in the summer, this beast got the best of me. Thank you, fall, for you have made me love pushing this submarine each morning. 

Maybe it is just me, but for some reason, fall, feels way more like a new year than January. Probably because I have a birthday, but also the beginning of a new school year feels so, BRAND NEW. I tend to find myself setting personal goals during the fall. Cheers to growth, professionally, physically and in parenthood. I’m holding up my PSL with pride.

Throwing down a plate of truffle raviolli isn’t something I love to do in summer time. However, I finished this meal without any regret. That felt good. Big Sweater time.

I took my daughter to the Central Park Zoo, and she begged to get her face painted. I was so inspired by her Leopard face paint, that I became all giddy about Halloween. 

The humidity is officially over. Thank GOD! That was rough, man. Now we can enjoy all of the cities parks and fun and maintain comfort.

Boots, Denim, Hats.. All of it. Bring on the fall fashion. Accessories and Layers. I’m  down with that.

The sunsets

The leaves are starting to change and I plan on documenting every dang hue they turn.
I mean, maybe, maaaybe, I like fall because it’s my birthday.. I don’t know, maybe.


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