Decoding Wedding Dresscode Jargon

Check out the article below that was posted on  SAVVYTOKYO.COM.  I dish about what to wear for the season of LOVE, and decoding those intimidating Wedding dresscode formalities. Wedding season is approaching and for some, it may have already started. As the invitations are coming in, it is likely you’re having internal dialogue, pondering on … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Week- Public Events

One of Tokyo’s biggest fashion festivals is descending upon us.  To some it may seem that everyday in Tokyo is a fashion celebration, hello perfectly coiffed manes, immaculate styling and sky high heels, but two weeks out of the year Japan Fashion Week Organization presents a week long series of runway shows and exhibitions, promoting … Continue Reading

Tokyo’s Fashion Night Out 2013

I want to make a small interruption from the traveling posts, to share some pics from Tokyo’s Fashion Night Out. It was the 3rd FNO I attended in Tokyo, and I feel it gets better and better. There is just no room to complain about free champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and drooling over insane fashion up … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” Oh hello blog, long time no see. The past three months I have been lost in love with my daughter. Instead of updating posts, I have spent countless hours smiling into the eyes of an angel. I let my laundry pile … Continue Reading

AY Bebe, AY Bebe, AY Bebe

“I’m in da club Hollerin’, AY bebe, AY bebe…” .. aaand now Hurricane Chris will be stuck in your head the for day… gomen! (sorry in Japanese).  Along with the lovely club anthem,  I am sure you have a lot of other important things consuming your mind, leaving little room for being the creative director of … Continue Reading

Five Shades of Blue on top of the Duomo

Dominating the Florence skyline, is the DUOMO of The Cathedral of Florence. You can get a glimpse of this beautiful dome from every angle of the city, through narrow alleys and hotel balconies. The climb to the top is not for the claustrophobic, but it  is well worth the view. You see the hills of … Continue Reading

Put you FLATS ON- Versace for H&M

“Hop up out the beeed, put your FLATS ooon.”  Yes, the collaboration we have all been talking about is releasing in a few days! Predicted to give Missoni for Target a run for it’s money, this collaboration will have people in line for hours. Unlike the rumored madness of Missoni’s release, there will be some … Continue Reading

FNO- Bloggers and Street Style

After going through all my photos from FNO, I decided to break up the blog posts to prevent consuming too much of your precious time. Japan is already famous for incredible street style, so one can only imagine the stare-worthy looks that floated atop the sidewalks last Saturday. I wish I had captured them all, … Continue Reading


It’s almost time!  Tokyo’s FASHION NIGHT OUT will be held in Omotesando and Harajuku this Saturday. Anna Wintour and many other Vogue editors from around the world will be attending the event that will attract fashionistas from all over the city to come shop til they drop at the boutiques extending their hours for shoppers. … Continue Reading

Cut Outs and a taste of Tuxedo

A few posts back I posted pics from Behind the Scenes of a Cut Out Concept shoot I had styled. I received the final images and they are amazing! In collaboration with the Cut Out project, I also pulled looks playing on the Tuxedo Trend that is all the rage this Fall. I paired structured blazers with feminine bottoms, … Continue Reading