Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall Fashion Is here.. Frankly, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to start my blog. After leaving my job in the fashion styling industry and moving abroad to Tokyo, I only found it necessary to document my styling opinions I find racing through my head in the elbow to elbow subway everyday. Because my opinion matters that’s why….. 🙂 Much needed ventilation…

I am happy to say that I have never been to a city with such diverse and individual style as Tokyo. I mean, not all outfits I see are put together like an editorial spread, however they all show honest effort. You can find off-the-runway looks in Ginza, to the appropriate minimalism in Omotesando. Very close you approach the over-the-top teens in Harajuku (which is everything you imagine when you hear about Harajuku). I am happy to say that Tokyo makes my favorite quote valid. “Style is true when it is you.”

Now, back to fall fashion of course. I am uber stoked about what I will be wearing this fall. If the weather in Tokyo ever allows me to be in style. While my friends at home are already rocking the Menswear for Women, and the super cute long hemline skirts, I am still in a beach “frock” and sandals. Yes, sandals close to October is unsettling for me as well. I personally can not wait to embrace the 50’s fall trend and start dressing like Betty Drapper. I know I am not the only one with an obsession with Betty Drapper. I want to own a horse just so I can wear her riding outfits. FLAWLESS! Anyway, I am also extremely excited to layer.. Wraps, textures, appliques OH MY !

Above is a picture of what has already been in the windows for over a month plus an absolute diva who is completely comfortable rocking a monochrome ensemble which is a surprising trend for Fall 2010, however designers such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Tory Burch and much more are hopping on the band wagon, we all might as well. I mean, when do we ever get to be head to toe matchymatchy and not look like a power ranger or a hip hop artist who matches his jersey to shoe strings? Well, that is all for now, I know long, I needed this. SAYONARA


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excited for future posts Chanyn! Great to see you are so successful!

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