Inspired by the Spring trend “Seeing the light in all WHITE” currently on the runways, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite pieces I own. Say hello to my late Grandmother’s fur jacket. She was a DIVA and it leaked down the gene pool. What’s a girl to do??  I am completely obsessed with this jacket. Not only is it a family heirloom, but I love to wear it.. everywhere. I put it on to go to the Konbini and throw it on for a night out. It is that one piece that you put on and your outfit is complete. Kind of like a Burberry trench coat.

Photo Shoot time! Nothing is more fun than a photo shoot. I’m just sayin…
Aaannyway, I paired Grandma’s jacket with classic Chanyn hoops, IMPERIAL sequin dress, sheer tights, and ankle booties. This look can be worn out to dinner with the MR. or to drink some champagne with the ladies. If you are like me you can wear this look to the Konbini as well. I told you I don’t take off the jacket that often! SUKI DESU!

Obviously, the jacket doesn’t need a short, sequin dress to look amazing nor is the dress needed to go grab a coffee and an onigiri. It is the jacket itself that makes a casual, thoughtless outfit fabulous. Here I  paired G-ma’s fur with a statement necklace, Gary Graham top, Hudson Jeans, and of course my Uniqlo “go to” black hat.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to pull out the vintage pieces and rock them with confidence from day to night. So next time Grandma or mom throw out the offer to dig through their old threads, just do it! You never know what you will find. Regardless if it is “in style”, or trendy, don’t think about it. Just wear it.



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