I headed out to Velour Nightclub in Aoyama for a local stylists tanjoubi. In tow with one of my favorite gal pals and some fashion buddies; I was excited for a night of music, and of course some photo worthy fashion. After scoping out the scene, I became a little more obsessed with the interior decor than the fashion. I am not one to find taxidermy inspirational, but the bull quickly became my muse.

Crystallized globes were strategically placed all over the venue. I heart globes, and decided later that night that I want one for my apartment. I have yet to find one, but the hunt is ON. After internet surfing I found an amazing site for fun globes, although crystal-less, they will add some swagger to your apt or house.  http://www.artonglobes.com/globes.html

 A Little Fashion Shall We….

 How To:  OWN IT

This was not the best fashion I saw all night, but his energy and confidence caught my attention.  I little worried about his eye though…. ouch dude. Regardless, he owned his “unorthodox” outfit and was having a blast taking pictures for all of us “photogs”. Confidence goes a long way.  If you love it who cares what anyone else thinks!

I loved the black framed glasses, which are beyond a trend in Tokyo. More like a requirement if you frequent Harajuku and Shibuya. He threw together the sequin sweater vest, with the hyper color scarf for the chilly Tokyo weather and matched it with his Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. He is ahead of  spring fashion with the hyper color trend.. SUGOI DESU NE!!

DON’T DO: Wear head to toe sequins.. Unless you are this GUY or a back up dancer, or competing in a local county fair pageant. I dig his lace wrap. I really do.

WHO KNEW: This is the only way to pose for pics in Japan. Also, match your drink to your hat.. Don’t be stupid.

 Apparently, other than throwing up the deuces, sticking out your tongue for a photo is mandatory. Silly me.. and this whole time I thought you were supposed to whip yo hair back n forth…


Tokyo’s nightlife is a melting pot of personalities and interpretations of trends and styles. You become just as fascinated with the wall art as you do with the dancing, “posing” and music. Never a lack of inspiration.  Now I am off to find my globe.. and possibly a bull head. JA MATA RAISHU!


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