Watashi wa nihongo ga jouzu desu ne! Ok not really, but I try so even if it is all mixed together, I try..

AANNYWAY, Knowing I would be meeting up with a few of my style buddies for lunch, I couldn’t help but bring the Canon along for some snap worthy fashion. Of course, as always, they came through looking a million bucks and were happy to let the eager little rabbit (me), take some flicks. “O Shashin Onegaishimasu!”

This beauty is my dear friend Junko. She is by nature a style queen as well as a professional Ferragamo fashionista. I admire her refined style and can always count on her consistancy, elegance and for her to at least have ONE piece of Salvatore Ferragamo on! If not multiples…. I will be first in line for her garage sale.

Fur Shawl: Salvatore Ferragamo
Watch: Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Bella Bella Bella! This is my lovely Italian Chic tomodatchi, Ellie. She masters the divine-sexy look, and is always well styled with great accessories or a pop of color. “Hello! Blood orange Chanel Jacket, can I PLEASE have you?” She was so sweet to let me take pics of her on the streets of Ginza. As a model she is used to it though 🙂 Arigato ELLIE!
Jacket: Chanel
Obsessed with these boots
Thanks again ladies for allowing me to turn our luncheon into a impromptu photo shoot and for being so damn fabulous. Keep it up because it is your birth right to be glamorous. Utsukushii desu!

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