After being removed from Tokyo for the past few weeks, I am desperately missing my favorite Japanese cuisines. As much as I love some authentic Mexican food, Emerald City Smoothies, and  my daily diet of coconut water, my appetite is craving something else. That something else is Yaki Niku. Which is grilled meat and vegetables essentially. Those who know me are aware I am not a big fan of BEAST aka meat, but the vegetables are incredible! You can choose from a variety of dipping sauces as well which make the meal your savory dream come true.

I prefer the hot spicy chili sauce. DUH, Don’t be dumb.

Fashion Alert! I went for an eco friendly choice and decided to wear the recyclable tie it yourself BIB. SO HOTT!
Style Advice : Don’t wear shopping, on a date, to yoga, or anywhere in public.

My hubby especially enjoys Yaki Niki because I hardly ever feed the poor guy beef. Yaki Niku is served TABEHODAI style. Which is all you can eat… My hubs enjoys eating these places out of business. He just points at everything on the table and says ONAJIMONO ONEGAISHIMASU”
Pretty sure you can hear him in Osaka when he screams it, because, yes, he is that excited!

When you go to Yaki Niku, or Korean BBQ, there is ONE mandatory dish that you get. It is called BibimbopWhen you say it 10 times fast it sounds like a sick beat.

I SWEAR, it tastes 1,000 times better than it looks. It is served in a hot stone bowl so after you mix all of the deliciousness together it continues to cook and create mouth watering bites of crunchy rice, vegetables, and egg. (I go for the veggie option but for you beast eaters, you can have it with minced beef.)

Of course, when engaging with Tabehodai,it is impossible to forget his sweet yet sultry sister, NOMIHODAI, it is not nice to leave her out. I prefer to get Lemon Sours, But you can choose from a number of yummy cocktails, beers and wines.

WARNINGS when eating Yaki Niku:

1.) Don’t eat to fast (see photo)
2.) Don’t eat until explosion (see photo)
3.) Don’t eat directly off the grill, unless you have a rubber tongue. (see photo)
4.) Don’t wear FUR, SILK, or any dry clean only garments to the restaurant or you will forever smell like smoke, bonfire, and beast.

I can’t wait to throw on my stretchy leggings, casual tee and must-have bib and hit up a Yaki Niku restaurant when I return to TOKYO. My mouth is already watering.


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