Tis the season for Holidays, Travel and posting up pool side. Whether you are at your favorite resort, or just hanging at your friend’s backyard poolside BBQ, a practical and chic look is definitely in the equation. Don’t forget a little glam, that never hurts anyone.

On my recent vacay to Phuket, Thailand, I was able to conjure up multiple looks to keep me looking fresh and stylish while I wondered the resort or pulled up a chair next to the pool. I also considered camouflaging the bloating that occurs with Karai Thai food and tasty cocktails.. Don’t judge me, come on now we all binge a little when getting outta dodge. 
Humidity and heat were the obstacle, but I worked my way around it. I lived in this Forever 21 dress. I received a lot of compliments. Brand name shmraned name is what I say!
Accessories are always a key factor in making  any outfit into a LOOK. You do not always need diamonds,  silver and precious stones to look fabulous. Pick up some cheap pieces before you sail away. Own your look and people will think they are expensive anyway. 🙂
Dress: Forever 21
Glasses:Nordstrom Necklace Watch:TopShop Bracelet:TopShop Hat:H&M
Shoes: MICHAEL by Michael Kors

Remember you do not need to spend a fortune on LOOKS next to the pool. If you have my luck, you will probably have someone jump in right in front of you, or possibly have your husband throw you in.

Tune in for some more styling techniques for babelicious beach looks and dinner dates with some glam.


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