School is out, and with spare time comes creativity. I have been wanting to spruce up my Tokyo apartment for months and decided redecorating is one of many projects I wish to accomplish with my 4 weeks of freedom.

I love photography. I took photos all over Tokyo and some portraits of my family and printed dozens of black and white images to place under the glass of my coffee table, on top of vintage wall paper. (Photos coming once perfected). I am now on a hunt to add to my collection of coffee table books. I adore these beautiful pieces of art. They not only serve a purpose as decor but become a source of inspiration that is always in front of you. I have collected many at museums, as gifts and of course Amazon. Below are a few on my wish list ….
 I have loved Graffiti before it became a trend after, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.
 “Authoritative roster of talent and glamour in the 20th century.”…. SOLD
This doesn’t need a caption
Private archives of beautiful designs starting from the 1920’s… I’ll be careful not to get drool marks on this one.
I own this already but wanted to share. One of my favorite artists. I also used this as our guest book for our wedding.

I’ve looked through this many times and still wonder why I don’t own it. It’s brilliant. It’s Bruce Weber.


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