I attended the Grand Opening of GROM, an Italian gelato chain, in Shibuya. Currently, GROM has three locations here in Tokyo and even one in Osaka. With stores all over Europe and on both coasts of the US, one in NY and one in Malibu, this organic gelato company is making a global impression!

After sitting and talking with both CEO’s and devouring multiple taste tests, it is clear why this Italian desert chain is so successful. Owners Guido Martinetti and Frederico Grom, started their company nearly 8 years ago. With just an idea and humble beginnings, the two owners brought back “old-fashioned” gelato. Returning to the roots of the Italian frozen desert, they combined premium, organic ingredients, processing it by hand and focusing mainly on quality control. The proof is in the pudding. It’s to die for!

The mass buzz surrounding the opening in New York, was followed by enormous lines outside their store in Shinjuku. As a fellow citizen in queue, I can confirm it was well worth the wait! So I was thrilled to partake in the grand opening of GROM in Shibuya with friends, fellow fashionistas and bloggers. OISHIKATTA!!

Me with owner Federico Grom

After taste testing almost every flavor. I decided the Vanilla and Blueberry Gelato were my favorite!

The ladies with owner Guido Martinetti

Fellow taste testers. Lovely company! Onon and Rie.

Fashion Director, Kanoko and fellow Blogger Natsu

Top: TopShop             Shorts: LoveBoat


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