It’s hot in Tokyo! I’m sorry for being redundant. I know you guys get it as I mention it on every post. In my defense, I am from the NorthWest of the USA in which summers are short and humidity doesn’t exist. ANYWAY,  I’ve been leaving the city almost every weekend to head to the beach, where the sea is refreshing and I can wear little as a bikini.

 Leaving the heels, silks, chiffon, and party dresses in Tokyo;  I pack up my beach and casual wear and head down South.  As much as any girl loves dress up time, there is something about the simplicity of flat sandals, minimal clothing and ponytails that scream effortlessly chic and I’m totally diggin it.

Friday of departure I wore a basic White dress, denim colored button up, flats and floppy sun hat and jetted down to the beach on the Shinkansen..

Dress: H&M
Button UP: LoveLess- Japanese Brand
Floppy Sun Hat: H&M    Luggage: Diane Von Furstenburg

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