I love vintage shopping, It’s like going on a treasure hunt. I often shop vintage to find unique accessories for styling jobs and pieces that can be transformed into something amazing. For a recent shoot I wanted to find some cool trinkets and went google crazy trying to find some hidden vintage shops in Tokyo. The store CHICAGO kept popping up. I had passed this second-hand store plenty of times in Harajuku, browsing the racks in the store front but never fully committed to going inside.

When I ventured in, I was surprised by the masses of used clothing inside the store and surrounding the inside perimeters. Separated by style, trend and gender preference. Very impressed with the organization of a thrift shop. You don’t see that in America. However, it still had the stale smell of your grandmother’s closet that seems present in any second hand shop. The racks were full of clothing, accessories and an extensive collection of new and used kimonos and yukatas.

I found some cool accessories for my styling kit and I am pretty sure I will frequent this little vintage sweet spot when I need some funky styling pieces.

Vintage pins are fun to accessorize with, I keep some on these in my kit. Put on a hat, your hand bag, or a blazer.

Old cheerleader skirts? Not just for Halloween. Wear high waisted with a tight knit sweater or top and accessorize with a cool modern belt.
I love suspenders for both men and women. I just bought some for my styling kit. They give an extra kick to a monochromatic or simple outfit. Love them with basic denim or shorts and a tank for women or  for men wear with distressed denim and a v-neck.. Suspenders are appropriate for both day and night. This accessory isn’t just for Urkel anymore.

DO IT YOURSELF denim shorts. I have made my own cut-offs since I was in middle school. The best part about vintage denim is that they are already distressed!  You can put patches on them, cut out the pockets and add different materials, bleach them, glue on your own studs and rhinestones etc. Aww endless opportunities with old Levi’s. 

You can never have enough scarves. Tie around your neck, tie around your head, tie around your handbag. When long enough you can roll up and use as a belt. 
Boyfriend’s Varsity Jackets are quite a statement piece when styled correctly. Pair them with a little dress and heels as a replacement for a leather jacket for some juxtaposition..  
You can pair these Bow Ties with a Collared Blouse for a Geek Chic Look. I would add an edgy heel, or denim to the look to avoid looking full out NERD.
Patchwork! Do you have a jacket from H&M or Zara that everyone else has? Change it. Put on some patches to make it unique and your own.
Graphic TEES! Everyone’s favorite vintage find. Well, there are plenty, I’m talking racks and racks, of these outfit makers at Chicago.


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I also love suspenders. Just bought my second pair-they are such a great accessory for women.

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