A few posts back I posted pics from Behind the Scenes of a Cut Out Concept shoot I had styled. I received the final images and they are amazing! In collaboration with the Cut Out project, I also pulled looks playing on the Tuxedo Trend that is all the rage this Fall. I paired structured blazers with feminine bottoms, allowing the overall look to come within reach of masculinity however remain sexy and ladylike.
*My styling tip would be to limit your look to one menswear piece to prevent a full out androgynous get-up.

I worked with an all Japanese crew, English was limited and I tried my best with my Japanese. Regardless of our language barrier we were able to get some fantastic images.
Photographer Fukishimasan is a well known photographer around Tokyo. He executed the desired lighting perfectly.
Make-up artist Mayumi Sugawa really facilitated the mood and attitude that we had hope to capture in the images. Taking the look from natural and minimal to a sleek and polished.


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