I am going to hold off on the rest of the Dubai posts for the week. Currently it is Tokyo Fashion Week and I am attending shows as press and want to share some of the innovative fashion from a few of Japan’s elite designers.

First show of Fashion week I attended Nozomi Ishiguro, a former Commes de Garcons designer. His pieces were beautifully constructed and intelligently draped over layers of an ecclectic mix of fabrics. However, the looks all together are a bit too avant-garde for street fashion. Great for a runway show, but would need to be worn as separate pieces to avoid looking like a costume.

After the show my fashion buddy Katie, TokyoDrive.TV co-blogger Kenta and I went to the Mercedes Benz Café for a little after party and mingling.

 Loved TFW’s blogger Misha Janette’s attire, couldn’t resist a photo-op…



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