Prior to visiting Dubai I was told that there was no need to excessively “Cover Up”, and frankly I could wear whatever I wanted. I did some further research and read pretty much the same thing; however, it is suggested to not bare all your assets, i.e Snooki, unless you want to be leered at by the local men. I was definitely up for the fashion challenge and quite excited to embrace a whole new culture with different ideas on what “Fashion” meant to them. I didn’t go as far as sport a Berka but I did choose longer hemlines, covered up the shoulders and made the choice of baring either arm or leg, not both 🙂 Didn’t go to crazy. Most of the days I threw on a scarf with a long dress and it was perfect.

Below is an example of my day and night looks in Dubai.

Headed to brunch and a canal ride
For the day I opted for a long DVF wrap dress, flat sandals, fun jewelry and big shades.

Headed to a Lebanese dinner, Karaoke and an amazing bar on the beach
For Night I chose a long sleeve Banana Republic washed Silk blouse, Japanese Brand, Luvlicious sequin Skirt, and Mod Jewelry.


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