SEOUL WAS (seoul) COLD! However, a bit of breeze is not going to stop me from checking out the War Memorial Museum, Itaewon, Myeong Dong, and wonder along the sidewalks of a new city for the day. My first day in Seoul I was a bit aggressive with the outdoor activity itinerary, but I kept warm with Uniqlo heat tech, knit sweater, wool skirt and my favorite long jacket with faux fur trim. A special thanks to Zara for making some bad-A, chic yet comfortable boots that I walked around in for hours. When in doubt always keep a few warm accessories handy in case of some wind or temperature drop. I packed along some black gloves and my fitted Michael Kors beenie. (Not huge into monograms, but it felt right with a neutral color palette.)

 A few Suggestions if ever in Seoul:

1.) Absolutely visit the War Memorial Museum, not only enlightening but entertaining as well with reenactments.

2.) Itaewon is the most international district I visited in Seoul, however it is full of fun restaurants and bars. Go to the Grand Hyatt and look at the view over the city and eat some Ynang Num (sp) chicken at the their recommended spot down the street.

3.) Style watch in Myeong Dong. Great fashion made in Korea.

4.) Souvenir shop in Insadong. Make sure to pick up some Red Ginseng Tea and lacquer china with mother of pearl embellishments.


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