The following images are the main culprits behind my 2-3 week detox/cleanse that I started last Tuesday. While in Seoul I did my fair share of experimental foreign food tastings and divulged into others after the first sniff of garlic. One day, when the weather was a few degrees from freezing, we decided to go door to door to different restaurants to try out the native sensations. Some places were recommendations and the others we let our nose to do leading. Korean cuisine is rich, spicy and full of garlic. Perfect food for the seoul.

*I am not a food critic, nor a “food-ie” for that matter, but I spent the afternoon looking like (being) a snap happy tourist in these restaurants so who else to share my lovely pics with then you…awww

*(No, I am not going to start posting every meal I eat, so please check my blog again. 🙂

French toast at “The Flying Pan”. A great Sunday Brunch spot. (Not Korean, OBVS, but it was Oh so delish I had to share.)

STREET FOOD: Fish Skins, Grilled Corn, and Hot Dog with curly fries swirled around it dipped in batter and fried again. Not going to lie, we didn’t venture down the this plethora of fat path, but I had to take a pic.

VOTED “Best Dumplings in Seoul”. The line was outrageous, but moved quickly. This is located in the heart of Myeong Dong. Gum and mint are advised after eating these bad boys, the garlic lingers the entire day.

Korean noodles, mixed in broth of cold veggies, onion and Kimchi. Served with two large ice cubes.

Green noodles, served with pickled veggies, sesame seeds and spicy sauce.

Korean BBQ… Very popular in Japan as well. 


Probably one of the best dishes in Korea. Ynang Nang Chicken. It is a take on American fried chicken with a spicy sauce drenched all over it. It’s out of control.

Fried Gyoza


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