What is it with March Madness? The To-Do list never seems to end! However, there is always time to stop and smell the… fashion 🙂 It is Japan Fashion Week here in Tokyo and it was just the therapy I needed. I stepped out with some friends and caught up on Fall 2012 Collections. Wednesday night we went to Christian Dada and Thursday it was Mononari Ono. I was introduced to Christian Dada last Fashion Week and was equally impressed as last season, although this Fall Collection was much more wearable than the antlers and cages worn in the last show :).  Thursday’s Mononari Ono show was amazing, and I have a new found love affair with a few of the pieces.

I actually changed things up this time and went with video. I am using some of the footage for a Documentary project I am working on and will share it on my blog once that is complete. However, I  quickly switched back to my camera to capture this faux fur beauty.

It was great to step away from March Madness Mania for a few hours, catch up with friends and get a taste of JFW.


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