I have wanted to take an Ikebana class ever since moving to Japan. Ikebana is  a 600 year old traditional Japanese flower arrangement practice. Each stem, leaf and flower is placed strategically, emphasizing strict guidelines to shape, lines and forms.

A friend and I found the Ohara School of Ikebana in Minami Aoyama (my new neighborhood) and booked a class to test out our Ikebana skills. We had such a great time and learned a lot just from one session. The Sensei was extremely informative and we learned the basics about SUBJECT flowers, OBJECT flowers, FILLERS and symmetry.

I look forward to our next class and sharing some basic pointers about Ikebana!

Beautiful arrangement by an upper class student

Guide describing angles, width, height and depth of subject, objects and fillers.

SCHOOL of Ikebana

My first arrangement

Another Student’s arrangement. I LOVE THIS!


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