After a few days in Venice, we continued our journey to Firenze, Italy. We took the train from Venice and passed through the rolling hills of Tuscany and arrived in the city famed for Michelangelo’s David, the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio Bridge and of course the Steak Florentine. In the first taxi ride through the city, I just stared out the windows in awe at the marriage of old and new, with historical statues adjacent to high fashion boutiques and large piazzas filled with hipster teenagers snapping pictures of “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” statue.

We set off into Florence, first stopping to visit our friend “David”, who is much larger than I had imagined. We shopped through the flea markets and stopped for a stroll around the San Lorenzo market. Inside you can find everything from leather products to tripe. I munched on delishioso dried fruit and laughed as my husband walked from glass cases to live butchers, salivating over the meat varieties. This triggered our appetites and we stopped for lunch at the famous trattoria, Fiachetteria, for their steak Florentine. Later we pass by a  tiny shop that lets you choose and bottle your own wine. How amazing is that? Aww Florence, my love affair begins. One of my favorite souvenirs is from an Italian ceramic shop where everything is hand painted. I snuck a peek at the old woman in the back delicately painting a plate and I was sold. We walked parallel to the Arno River on our way back and snapped some pictures in front of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

My Italian style was laid back with a pop of blue hue. I sported my convys again, jersey blue dress and  my fav trench for the bit of breeze.

There he is all handsome and strong. Michelangelo’s “David”.
Ponte Vecchio Bridge
Inside the San Lorenzo Market

Mushroom mania
Love the organic layout
“I love you truffle salt. You make everything taste amazing.” Love, Chanyn

The home of the Steak Florentine

Seriously? Cow on a plate

Choose your own bottle, then choose your own wine. BRILLIANT!
“The Rape of the Sabine Women”.


Chillaxin and enjoying the view


Dress and Belt: MANGO
Trench: OZOC
Sunnies: CHLOE


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