Viva la Venezia!   

Venice was the second stop on our European adventure. We said Au revoir to Paris, brie and bordeaux and Bonjourno to prosecco, seafood pasta and cute gondola drivers in their signature jailhouse stripes. Stepping off the plane once we reached Italian soil, we inhaled the smell of sea water and eagerly hopped on a private water taxi to Venice.  Like the big children we are, we had our head poked out of the back of the boat the entire time in anticipation for the Venice view, cheeks flapping and all . I find it fascinating the city still runs solely on motor boat transportation. The sea surrounding Venice in like a mini freeway used by visitors, tourists, natives, and utilized still for commerce and trade. Coming from Tokyo, I can appreciate a sufficient transportation system and was impressed with the Vaporetti, which worked as a “water subway” through the canals. You could find stops along the banks throughout the city.  Venice was truly one magical wonderland. The architecture was fascinating and original to Venice, nothing I have seen in America or Asia. Prosecco was delicious EVERYWHERE  and the Sea food pasta was too good to compare to anything we’ve had before. Morano glass was in every shop and the pieces were striking. You could find ornate glass sculptures to picture frames, vases and  even little glass candies. So cute!

Venice is a “by foot only” city. Besides the water transportation in the canals, you have to walk from point A to point B and back again. Which was great, because I needed some exercise after taking dives into carb city for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I packed appropriately and brought along my favorite Converse, some Tom’s flats and a pair of boots for the days with rain. I kept my style casual and collected and kept some layers with me in case some gray clouds wanted to creep up on us.

Welcome to Venice! The White hut is a stop for water buses and Vaporetti.

Authentic, Natural, Beautiful
Enjoying some Vitamin D along the Canal. The city is full of many hidden alleys and narrow walkways. 
The view from Rialto Bridge

The colorful blossoms enhanced the beauty found in the smallest details.

I’ve decided Yellow is my flavor of the month. I love the bright yellow with White trim.

Klimt is one of my husband and I favorite artist and there was an exhibition the week we were there. Can we say perfect timing?

Found inside the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

The image of Venice I imagined before we arrived

My Venetian Style

Classic Casual

Sunnies: CHLOE
Scarf: Martin + Osa
Blazer: Zara

Trousers: Zara
Sneakers: CONVERSE
   CONVERSE FOR KICKS- “My Hubbies Venetian Style”

My hubs and I both rocked our converse for the majority of our stay in Venice. They have been around since my parents were in grade school, and there’s a reason why. Beyond the fact that they are a wardrobe staple now days, these chic little sneakers are sweet to the feet, light and squishably easy to pack 🙂
Fedora: Zara for Men
Jacket: LRG
T-Shirt: BAPE

Denim: Levis Slim Fit
Sneakers: CONVERSE



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