I can’t believe it is August already. This Summer is zooming by, such is life, but times fly when you are having fun.  Below is a small photo diary of a trip back to the states, friend’s wedding and a little paradise outside of Tokyo.
Mi Familia. Sisters
Rainer Cherries from Washington State. Nail color inspo 🙂

Enjoy Seattle. Enjoy Ivars

Chowder Bread Bowls. Do it right!

Home sweet Home. Catching up on my American gossip
Bug eyed fashion
Wedding Season
Football flower arrangements in honor of the groom’s coaching career. Awe-some.
Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg Jacket: OZOC Hot Date: My hubs 

Shimoda, Japan
Getting out of the City and into the sand
Cocktail: thirty

Beach bums
There is still another month of Summer and a lot of activities on the agenda. Can’t wait to document my journey, share more summer fashion and fuel up on vitamin D with family and friends.

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