I’ve been hesitant to post “maternity fashion” photos. The two words together collide like oil and vinegar, or so I thought. I am rearing my third trimester and have almost exhausted my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Farewell cocktail dress, so long button-up blouses and I said sayonara to denim months and months ago. However, I still have a few pieces that are flattering, stretchy and provide a lovely silhouette of the growing bump. One of my favorite pieces is this DVF wrap dress. It is perfect for a growing belly, has delicate cotton fabric, which is perfect for sensitive skin, and still provides a stylish and trendy maternity look without looking like sponge bob square dress. Thankful for the beautiful Fall weather in Tokyo, I was able to rock this well into October and even style it with some wedges.  I took these shots a few weeks ago, but still plan to throw on some sheer tights and boots and wear this piece for the next couple months.

I am obviously new at shopping for maternity, but I found that it is all about the silhouette. If you wear a huge moo moo over your bump you are destined to look, well.. HUGE. I favor the body conscious pieces that fit snugly around your mid section and still provide you with an hourglass shape.

With school finally coming to an end… I can’t wait to post more maternity fashion and show some of the pieces I’ve found through Internet shopping and fast fashion retailing.


 When you get pregnant is Japan they give you this adorable little badge to put on your hand bag. It let’s people know you are pregnant and gives you priority seating on all transportation. I think it is a cute and sweet gesture of the Japanese. The badge says “there is a baby inside me, please be careful”. Something like that 🙂


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