Fashion is beautiful. It is walking art, self expression, and whether intended or not, it shares a story. Recently I have been introduced to this new boot and accessories company called Uxibal. Manufactured and designed in Guatemala, the products are handmade by Mayan artisans using handwoven textiles, establishing a bohemian and free spirited flair. Uxibal is created in workshops rather than factories and is produced when an order is placed, no mass production. These boots are the epitome of walking art, and share the story of the many hands that have touched the leather and threads in which they are made. Now that my friend, is beautiful Fashion.

Please check out this video to learn more about the story behind Uxibal and how you can pledge to keep these boots walkin’: CLICK HERE

How fab are these ankle boots? Paired with a sundress or leggings with a large, over-sized sweater, these can be worn all year round.
My favorite are the tall Comolapa boots. The details and patterns are unique and definitely make a statement.
You can style these true to their Bohemian swagger or make them a statement piece with a monotone look.

Boho Accessories

Uxibal also makes handwoven accessories inspired by the native women in Guatemala. This gorgeous, over-sized scarf is a beautiful piece that will stay on trend with it’s intricate tribal print.
Make a pledge for Uxibal on KICKSTARTER and assist them in creating sustainable, native Fashion!


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