My husband and I were a little skeptic on taking “maternity pics”. I have seen some not-so-flattering shots go viral and I didn’t want to become victim to “an attempt to capture memories gone wrong.” However, I took the risk and am so happy I did. I wanted to freeze this part of our lives and be able to reflect and reminisce about “our” first pregnancy. The love I have for my husband grows everyday as I see him prepare for fatherhood and the love we already have for our unborn baby is indescribable. Our photographer did an excellent job capturing these moments.

We woke up early on a Saturday morning and headed to the Hie Jinga Shrine in Akasaka, Tokyo. It is pretty special for us to be delivering our first child in Japan and I wanted that to be the theme of our photoshoot. We even made an “Ema” for our soon-to-be daughter.

Our photographer, Anatole Papafillippou is awesome and his portraits for maternity and newborn are amazing. I have worked on fashion photoshoots with Anatole a number of times and always feel comfortable and confident working with him. I highly suggest using him for any portraits if you live in Tokyo or near by. For contact information and to see more of his work, please check out his website:


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