As of April my family has been in 3 different countries, 7 different cities and visited 3 sets of grandparents :). We currently are on a three month holiday from Japan and enjoying every ounce of it.  My memory cards are at their full capacity and I have so many pictures you’d think I didn’t spend time without a camera. With an infant and so many friends and family to see,  I don’t have the spare time I used to for my blog, but I want to dedicate a slice of time to share our travels and adventures so hopefully I can keep posting.

In April we visited Singapore. It was Maya’s first flight, first time abroad and Mommy’s first time to really get out and feel myself again.  I absolutely love the city/state and can’t wait to go again! The island is very tropical and humid, but that didn’t stop me (or Maya) from checking out the area and hitting up the shopping :). I wore thin and soft fabrics and Maya lived in her sundresses. While hubs was at work we enjoyed the beautiful ambiance of the hotel pool and introduced Maya to the water for the first time. There were a lot of firsts on this trip, for Maya and for Mom and Dad.

I’ve always loved traveling, but I was apprehensive to continue our passion for adventure with a new baby. However, she seems to enjoy it as much as we do and thankfully has been taking it easy on her parents.



 UP UP and AWAY 

Maya’s First Flight! It went great. She played with Daddy and slept almost the entire time.
I wore a button up shirt on the flight, which was perfect for nursing. It was concealing and soft for Maya.



What We Wore in Singapore

I ordered these adorable dresses off They were perfect for the humid weather and easy to put on so it caused her no frustration. 

We went shopping at Ion Mall. It was perfect and I loved shopping at all the stores that are unavailable in Tokyo.  My little shopping partner found shoes a little boring. 
Lunch date with my boo. We went to the waterfront with Daddy on his lunch break. I am wearing a light weight dress from BEBE with a low v-neck perfect for breastfeeding.

This is how I spend most of my days :). I wore a basic cami from Zara under my dress. It is flexible and I honestly live in these for nursing. They are not too low cut to be vulgar but stretchy enough to just pull down.
The MOBY is the perfect travel baby carrier! You can use it a variety of ways.

Baby Carrier: Moby


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