Wait I have a blog…? Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone? Crickets….

Well, I have obviously been out of the blogosphere for a bit, but I’ve been thinking about you blog, I really have. It’s just between re-adjusting to the US and then back to Japan and all of the family, travel and weddings in between I have put you, Mr. Blog, on the back burner. My apologies. All of the above and I have a baby, yea that little person that demands about 25 hrs a day of my time, but she is just my little cub, my princess, my Universe and I can’t put her down.

However, now that I am back on my little island I call home, Good ol’ Nihon, I now can slice out some Mommy time and get back to sharing a bit of our life. First, I have some catching up to do..

We have been gypsy for the Summer, but before that we had an amazing holiday on the North Shore of Hawaii for a friend’s wedding. It was the perfect getaway for a new baby. Instead of going the resort route, we rented a house with our close friends. We had our own private beach, which provided plenty of shade for the young ones. Traveling with a new baby is a trial and error process. You see what works the first time, what doesn’t work and you find your groove. At least that is how is worked for our family.

As for the wedding Fashion,  I managed to find a dress that I could one, nurse in and second, that matched Maya’s dress. Yes, her dress came first and then I followed suite. The girl knows her stuff..

Daddy with his girl on a beach day. She had about 7 layers of sunscreen on. We use the Badger brand for infants. For those of you living in Japan, you can find all the Badger products HERE .

Maya was only 3 1/2 months. I thought I would never find a swimsuit that would fit her. Here it is! I actually found it on Amazon. The hat is from Baby Gap.

I had to throw in a picture of the World’s Best Nap. Sleeping on a hammock in Hawaii, listening to the waves… Who needs a white noise machine?

Any new mom can attest, it is hard to put your baby down, especially if you are nursing. A new baby just wants to sleep on Mommy. Well this my friends, is a saving grace. It is called a Rock-N-Play, by Fisher Price. We bought it at Babies’r’Us and we didn’t travel without it all Summer. Definitely a must for new parents.

This is why I was away from my laptop for so long…. Mommyhood is good

The wedding Venue was insane. I wish I had taken more pictures of all the details, but I had a bit going on :).
My man in Pink. We had a theme going on.
Me and my matching mini. I loved this dress by Milly, because I was able to nurse easily in it. My trick to finding pieces that are suitable for nursing is a v-neck that allows you to pull it down enough for breastfeeding. I never was comfortable with going underneath the top. 

Maya’s Dress: Zulilly.com
Headband: Babies’r’us

Mommy’s Dress: Milly
Shoes: Aldo
Wrist Cuff: Michael Kors

For those of us in Japan. I found my Milly dress on Shopbop.com, I find it the best online shopping abroad and delivers quickly.


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