The moment my husband and I found out we’d have a three month “garden leave”, we knew exactly where to spend our hiatus from Tokyo. HOME. We wanted to experience our native land as tourists and escape to the multiple destinations it has to offer. Since being abroad I have fallen more in love with the North West. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. To those who haven’t experienced the West Coast, it is probably the most beautiful place to visit in the Summer. The varied topography across Washington state provides an illusion of jumping borders into different countries. Who needs Europe?

One of our first stops was to Friday Harbor, one of the San Juan Islands. You can only get there by boat or sea plane and the travel through Puget Sound is just as captivating as the cute and charming town you arrive upon. Amongst the beautiful scenery, you can go whale watching, bike riding, wine tasting or drive to the other side of the island and go to Roche Harbor. We tried to squeeze in as much recreational fun as possible without forfeiting lovely down time staring into the marina.

I didn’t over think my San Juan fashion and kept it basic, but my most important accessory by far was the Ergo baby carrier. To new mom’s and those without an Ergo, this is probably the best piece of baby paraphernalia to own. For airport travel, site seeing, basic errands and even nursing.

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On the ferry to Friday Harbor. Baby Maya napped in the Ergo, while Mom, Dad and Auntie Casey enjoyed the exceptional view of the Puget Sound.

Maya at 4 months in here Ergo baby. She is now 8 months and still naps and nurses on the go. 
Enjoying happy hour in the grass at The Friday Harbor House.

Wine Tasting in the town of Friday Harbor. The actual winery has a resident camel that greets you for the tour. 
As always I am rocking my baby Ergo carrier. 

Checking out the Limestone in Roche Harbor
USA meets Canada


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