Konnichiwa to my fellow breastfeeding mamas out there!

When I first started breastfeeding, everyday felt like a styling challenge. “OK, I want to look glam and sophisticated. Wait, not that top, I need to have access to the boob. Alright, no to the boat neck sweater and yes to the plunging neck line.” The internal dialogue continued for a few minutes, usually with me moving my lips like I am actually having a conversation with someone (weirdo), and some days ending with me just throwing on a v-neck, burn-out tee and calling it a day. As the month’s progressed, I finally embraced the fun of strategic outfit planning and found a way around “frumptastic” nursing clothes.

I recently wrote a piece on nursing fashion for Savvy Tokyo, sharing a few tips I learned along the way. Some by trial and error, *note, do not wear solid colored, cotton jersey without breast pads, and some that just really worked for me and my everyday lifestyle. Click HERE to check out the article and the items that I find most useful! 


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