After living in Asia for nearly four years I finally made it over to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, my husband and I were booked on separate flights for the four hours of travel. Which was AWESOME, because my daughter was cluster teething simultaneously with our trip. No husband and No happy baby. Yes Please. That must have been circulated Karma from my bratty teenage years. Anyway after a long flight, all the tears had dried up, mostly mine, and we were ready to see the city. My expectations of Hong Kong were all over the place as they were formed from anecdotal stories from traveling friends, expats, and of course my defensive Tokyoites who would never admit another city is nearly cool as our home. WHICH THERE ISN’T, SO DON’T COME TO TOKYO TALKIN’ THAT NONSENSE! Jk Jk (just a little joking).

I actually really loved Hong Kong. It reminded me of when I first moved to Tokyo. Very stimulating and very alive. I caught up with old friends from Tokyo and even checked out some markets in Kowloon. Unfortunately I didn’t carry around my Canon, but I snapped enough pictures with my Iphone to fill up the storage and to share a small photo diary..p

Can’t wait to visit again.

In front of our hotel, one of the first Mandarin Oriental Hotels.

Friends showing me Wynhdam Street


View of the city from the water taxi

On our way to Kowloon

You are never to young to learn the art of haggling

View from an awesome bar called Sevva

Found myself a couple of hotties

Missed these chicas. Reunited from Tokyo.

My friend organized a Dim Sum lunch. It was outstanding. So delish

I learned how to properly eat a soup filled dumpling. Anthony Bourdain you were wrong buddy, you were wrong.

Beautiful view from Stanley Market

Stanley Market Waterfront


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