Fashion Weeks are my guilty pleasure. Thanks to Instagram and snap-happy bloggers, fashion hounds like me get a chance to visually eat up some eyecandy before, during and immediately after the shows. With one eye open in bed on my i-phone, I couldn’t resist checking out Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moshino. Something tells me fashion is at the bottom of his guilty pleasure totem poll. His Fall collection, recently shown in Milan, gave us a hint on what may frequent his “cheat day” indulgences.

Moschino stayed true to their  famous tagline, “Cheap and Chic”, with Monogrammed M’s resembling the Golden Arches, quilted coats and purses in signature Ronald McDonald hues as well Sponge Bob crop tops and Fruit Loop cocktail dresses. Leaning a little more towards Cheap than Chic, but the collection was a fun detour off the beaten path and gave us all a chance to see the possible offspring of Chanel and Mr. McDonald if they ever got all romantic and stuff.

Check out below to see some fashion food..


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