We took our daughter to Disneyland for her 1st Birthday. We get it, she is only ONE, she isn’t going to remember, or understand or care, but I wanted to do something special. We aren’t back home hosting some kitschy party with our family and friends in attendance.  Instead we had an obnoxiously cute, yet intimate celebration. Just the three of us and it was magical.

The Disneyland Hotel was recently remodeled into a timeless masterpiece. The decor screamed finesse, with outrageous chandeiliers, fountains and stained glass mosaics of favorite disney classics. It was like a castle and I, I mean Maya, felt like a princess.

People looked at me cross-eyed when I said I was taking my one year old to Disney, but it actually was completely age appropriate. She enjoyed “It’s A Small World”, ToonTown, the boat rides as well as the teacups. Beyond rides, toddlers are stimulated just by the music, the gift shops and of course the characters. Clearly Disneyland is equipped for kids, but even toddlers and infants are in thought. Changing room facilities and snack time areas were sprinkled throughout the park and strollers had their own parking spots.

Traveling with a toddler is never easy, naps are thrown and the change of environment alters moods, but thankfully Tokyo Disneyland is only a 20 minute train ride from Tokyo Station. Painless compared to 10 hour flights.
After check in, we hit up this incredible buffet of what seemed like endless options of cuisines from all over the world.
The Mickey plates were getting me excited.
I made a plate of every dessert, which ultimately Maya had no interest in. Somebody had to eat it!

The band shook her up a bit but mommy didn’t mind. Clearly Disney was only for Maya’s enjoyment :).

Naptime at Disney = improvisation. We let the boat do the rocking.
TIP: In total there were about 6 rides suitable for children Maya’s age. They do not allow the kids to sit on your lap and they have to be old enough to sit up next to you. 
We were planning on staying until the night parade but realized they show the same floats during the day. 
The Queen of Hearts restaurant inside Disneyland does not need reservations and provides a “Happy Birthday” treat on a cake. However, they would not allow the candle to be lit.
A little paparazzi action
My Birthday Princess

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