Last weekend we headed out for Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out. We married the evening with a pseudo date night. Called a sitter, enjoyed live music and stayed out past our bedtime. My husband secretly looves FNO, he shows interest in the fashion  as much as he does the free flowing champagne. It’s a win-win for both of us :).

We met up with some friends and began party hopping between stores. We spent the majority of our time in Gucci and Armani. Gucci celebrated the “re-birth” or so you call it, of Hello Kitty. Who is actually not a cat, but a person, a little British girl to be exact. In case you didn’t get the Sanrio memo. Gucci’s windows were pretty dope, Miss Kitty was looking fab and her miniature doll was for auction all night. However, Armani takes the prize for the best party this year. They brought in DJ Ken Ishii and the store was packed with shoppers and party goers.

Of course beyond the parties, fall collections were front and center, getting us all excited for the swinging 60’s, oversized outwear, shearling and “cool-girl” sneakers.

Hello Kitty was a showstopper at Gucci.

A few of my favorite fashion girls

At the time of the picture, the Kitty was almost at $2,500. When I left Gucci it was up to $3,200. That was the beginning of the evening.

Packed house at Armani

With my partner in crime

Date night with the Hubs


The Crew

We wanted to feel like Pharrell

Fashion’s Night Out Fashion

DRESS: Diane Von Furstenburg
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hat: Uniqlo


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