Last week was Tokyo Fashion Week. I covered shows for online magazine SAVVY TOKYO, making it to as many shows as I could, sporting the baby bump and all.  The first show I went to ended up being one of my favorite of MBFWT. Hanae Mori was Japan’s very first haute couture fashion house and the namesake label has made designer, Hanae Mori, one of the most reknowned fashion designers in Japan. For the first time they hired a young designer, Yu Amatsu, to bring a fresh face and new generation to the label. I had the opportunity to chat for a bit with Amatsu before his first runway collection with Hanae Mori and he gave some insight on his inspiration and dealing with the nerves leading up to the show.

Below is the article that was posted to SAVVY TOKYO. Check out the collection review and some of my favorite looks from the collection.

Hanae Mori by Yu Amatsu

Most known for his own line, A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT, designer Yu Amatsu brings the same precision and expertise of pattern and form when designing for haute couture brand, Hanae Mori.  The fashion house has primarily released collections designed by Hanae Mori herself, whom is the most honored female designer in Japan. Yearning to bring a “new generationâ€� to the Hanae Mori label, the fashion house hired Amatsu to deliver the concept of grace, elegance and style to a younger audience.
After the interview with designer Yu Amatsu.
Outfit details
Blazer: BCBG
Bag: Saint Laurent

Designing for a brand that is so rich in history in Japan is nothing less than nerve wrecking, however, Amatsu expressed to Savvy that he was so honored to work with the brand that his anxiety only surfaced after friends began singing his praises. Confident in his craft, he channeled his nervous energy into creating what he describes as a collection that will bring confidence and elegance to a new generation of women wearing Hanae Mori. The designer stayed true to the brand’s design icon, the butterfly, although his source of inspiration derives from the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly, a species that is most known for it’s long migrations, traveling in large packs and notorious for it’s strong will.

The backdrop of the runway show matched the bright blue hues found in the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly’s wing. A slow melody of bells cued models wearing white dresses one could see on a modern day bride. Tiered and asymmetric hems were draped around body-con style gowns as well as large ruffles and pleats surrounding the bodices. Butterfly silhouettes and emblems were used in various fabrications, shown on just a sleeve or an entire garment. Chiffon, floor-length dresses with leather finishes in hues of light stone and pewter, floated down the runway, followed by jumpsuits, pencil skirts and peplum tops in a bi-tonal, butterfly embroidered eyelet material. The collection also consisted of oversized knit sweaters, tailored suits, immaculately constructed trench coats, t-shirt dresses and crop top variations in many colors and fabrics. However the most notable of the entire show was the sequence of brightly patterned butterfly motif assembles. An assortment of sportswear, button up blouses, matching separates and dresses capped off the show with vivid hues of orange, yellow, black and blue.

I spotted Tilda Swinton and Haider Ackerman sitting front row at the Hanae Mori show


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