Maternity shopping is not rainbows and butterflies and if you have another child to look after, going to the store and “trying on” clothing is utterly impossible. Therefore, you order “maternity” online, it arrives, it’s either too big, too short, too tight, too loose and goes into a to-be-returned pile, that really should be a “wasted money” pile, because you know you aren’t going through the task of returns, (especially when you live abroad and going to the post office is like doing algerbra after 5 shots of tequila). That being said, I have found a somewhat fool proof method of maternity shopping that works for me. I tend to lean towards fast fashion, your H&M’s, Forever 21, Zara etc. A lot of their clothes are made with elastic blends or jersey cottons, that are forgiving and form fitting to the bump. I buy in a size (or seven) higher than what I wear when I am not growing a child, and voilÃ¥, relatively cheap and trendy maternity shopping is done. Pair with fun accessories and pieces from your regular wardrobe and you’ll be the furtherest thing from maternity frump.
I found these Notorious BIG leggings and fell in love. They aren’t for everyone or everyday, but experimental maternity fashion is half the battle.
Leggings: H&M
Denim Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Fur Fur
Booties: Zara
Crossbody bag: Issey Miyake Bao Bao


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