With a busy and chatty toddler at home, date nights are just about mandatory for the hubby and I to catch up on life outside the nest. We try to pop out together once a week, but lately my third trimester is calling for an 8:30 pm bedtime and date night usually is more like happy hour. Even though our 3 am nights out in Roppongi have retired, Tokyo is so alive that even if you only stayed out until dusk you feel as if you hit the town hard 🙂
I dragged my husband out to a fashion show with me and we continued out in Shibuya. I found a dress that still fit despite the bump and heels that were the closest thing to comfortable in my stiletto wardrobe. I lasted just one hour after the fashion show and my ankles looked like coffee cans by the time I hit the elevator to our apt (haute!)
 Oh Shibuya, your lights shine brightly but tonight I need my bed and a bath. Until next time..

Fur Jacket: Grammes
Dress: Catharine Malandrino
Heels: Christian Louboutin


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