The weeks have seriously flown by. I delivered my little angel on January 30th, just two days after big sister turned two years old. As any other mother can attest, you find yourself lost in wonderland with a newborn. I’ve spent the past month bonding with my new boy, snuggling in bed with my two munchkins and adjusting to a new routine.

I have only given birth abroad and have no idea what it is like to have a baby in the USA. Pain management is very rare in the Japanese culture, and the “strength” expectations put on mother’s is overestimated, (in my humble opinion).  My first delivery was a “unique” experience. A lot of screaming from me, laughing from the nurses, and concluding with a personally oath of never, ever giving birth abroad again. Two years later and I am in the exact same labor and delivery room, expecting the worst, yet ending with a  completely opposite experience. It’s all about setting your expectations as low as possible people, then it’s all uphill!  I now feel like a Baby birthing Sensei and it is all second nature to me at this point:

Language Barrier: CHECK
Healthcare Confusion: CHECK
City Hall Paperwork Madness: CHECK
American Embassy Trips: CHECK

 and the list goes on.. However, I wouldn’t change anything about this adventure. How awesome that my babies can grow up and say, “I was born in Tokyo and they wrapped me up in a kimono at two minutes old.” KONNICHIWA WORLD!

Here are some photos taken when ISAIAH DAVID was just one week old.


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