Last week, the hubs and I spent the evening in one of our favorite districts, Marunouchi. Sandwiched between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, it’s illuminated streets are the perfect balance of hole in the wall bars, high end retail and name brand Hotels. Missing our reservation at Andy’s (blog to come soon), we crossed the street to another “go-to”, 6th by Oriental Hotel. The food is good, but the view is better. The restaurant faces the busy JR line train tracks, and hustling crossing. The energy is contagious and people watching is at it’s best.

Due to Tokyo’s every increasing cold front, I opted for a long dress that I found at Zara and paired it with a Grammés fur chubby. Mirroring Marunouchi’s “past meets modern” ambience, I felt old school glam was appropriate.

It was a lovely night under the train tracks!


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