My baby boy is officially one years old.  The cliché phrase, “time flies”, has become so redundant and overused in our era, but it is the most natural observation when raising little babies. In one year they blossom from from our tiny, 100% dependent cubs to walking, talking, messing-yet-adorable little humans. We held a party in Seattle for both kids with family and friends prior to leaving over Winter break. So for Isaiah’s Tokyo celebration, we kept it just immediate family and went to his favorite brunch. Well maybe it was my husband and I’s, but Isaiah, with his refined palette at the ripe age of one,  insisted on the location! 🙂  Whoever’s decision it was in the end, all I know is that my husband shot me the look of insanity when I mentioned our intended morning escapade.  I powered back with the look,  “Don’t trip my chocolate chip, we know what to do”.  Three years with kids in restaurants, I think we got this. Thanking the stars above for a painless and actually super fun, fancy brunch with babies. Cheers to more in the future! Right babe? RIGHT?! 
      It is a no brainer that Park Hyatt in Shinjuku, is one of the top brunches in Tokyo. Beyond the panoramic views on the 52nd floor, the New York Grill’s minimal, yet refined classic interior, is a reason to go there just to take a looksy. A grand piano greets you as you walk in, and large Matisse-esque paintings draw you in as the focal art pieces on the wall. Shall we discuss the food? I won’t bore you with the detailed description of the appetizer buffet, complimentary champagne and entree choices, but the experience is above par. If you are in Tokyo, def check it out.

Brunching with the babes is always a hit or a miss, but we have broken it down to some basic rules to avoid the ever-so-lovely table tantrums. 
1.) BRING SOME TOYS – Ones that are hanging around and don’t get love at home.
What we have found that bringing small little figurines (typically ones that haven’t been given that much love quite yet) are the perfect treat at a restaurant. My daughter will play with these little plastic, attention-keepers for at least a good 30-45 minutes uninterrupted. (That’s allows enough time to quench those champagne cravings! #doyouhearme #poundit)

2.) The obvious answer = Technology

As tacky as it may be, when it gets down to crunch time, an educational app is a sure bet. Our favorite apps are Sparkabilities for babies and toddlers, all of the Monkey Lunchbox and, Endless Alphabet. You won’t feel guilty giving in to a little technology with these apps. No judgey.

3.) Getting them excited and involved in the experience

My daughter, loves taking pictures, so I bring my camera and let her snap away at all of the photo-worthy subjects along the way. She get’s excited about where we are going, what we are seeing and our happy observations of her participation. I think this was her fifth Park Hyatt brunch, (disclaimer: it is a visitor must-do, which we’ve had many in the past year), but she actually remembers the hotel, the fun lobby and it pumps up the enthusiasm for the “experience.” It is a short fix but, it makes the whole transition in and out of the hotel painless and really adorable.
4.) Let them get in on the fun! No dietary restrictions today
Rewarding their amazing behavior! Dessert bar time!
Birthday Celebrations

Can my boys be any cuter? I must say, Park Hyatt were so accommodating for the Birthday celebrations and did their best to give us a great table and nice view.

Outfit deets:
Dress: Altuzarra for Target
Jacket: Japanese Brand: FUR FUR
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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