WOW! What a whirlwind this past two months have been. Leaving Asia, our home, friends, ROUTINE and repatriating to the USA, still doesn’t quite feel like reality. Not is the sense of “oh my gosh, this is so perfect it can’t be real,” but more like, “What is the heck just happend!” I know my other mommy friends can relate, when you are just knee deep in projects and adjustments, you look up and don’t really know what day, date or time it is. Now that my oldest is in school and activities have begun, I can finally sit back and embrace the city, our new life and start emerging ourselves as New Yorkers. We love our Tokyo, that city is unlike any I’ve traveled, and will hold the most special place in my heart and life. I hope to adjust to New York that same way and create memories, life chapters and friends that will make me never want to leave. Here are our family photos we shot, just a week before moving. We went back to the shrine we took our maternity photos in.

I went with a soft color palette for the family as I wanted the back drop to really stand out!

The kids are wearing : OLD NAVY KIDS
I went with BANANA REPUBLIC, as their summer dresses were so whimsical and elegant.
David is wearing, THEORY.












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