We finally made it to a pumpkin patch! I think it was the first time for all of us to go to an actual pumpkin farm. We were all pumped, and it was a gorgeous weekend to get out of the city and explore the countryside. Apologies for the picture haul in this post, I went snap crazy and was acting all “brand new”. In our defense, it was brand new. No pumpkin patches in Tokyo man.

My friend recommended  Barton Orchards and Farms up in Poughquag, NY.  David rented a ZIP CAR and it only took us about 1.25 hrs from Midtown. Painless. Once we reached the edge of the city, it was as if we drifted into Monet’s “Autumn Effect at Argenteuil”. David and I were geeking out about the foliage, it was so expansive and dramatic, surreal scenic eye candy the whole way up.

The farm was above our expectations. Apart from apple picking and pumpkin patches, the grounds included bouncy pads, tractor rides, corn maze, a tap room (chyea! mommy juice refueled), petting zoo, and all kids of dirt and hay for Zae Zae to eat up.

It was the perfect destination with kids, and super easy to get to from Manhattan. All of the farms I had researched throughout the week, disclaimed they would have large crowds and to prepare for lines. Although, there were plenty of people at the farm, it did not feel crowded at all. The enormity of the premises made it feel very intimate. We even played soccer and had a picnic.

All of the details for BARTON FARMS AND ORCHARDS EVENTS are listed HERE! Happy Sunday EVERYONE! Time to cheer on the SEAHAWKS! (I don’t watch, just cheer, drink wine and cook.)


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