I may have had a minor mommy fail this weekend. I’ve been so hyped up on fall,  that my weekend mission was to find any harvest, Halloween, pumpkin, festival in the vicinity of Manhattan. A lot of the pumpkin patches and hay rides take place out of the city, (on the bucket list), but with the predicted rain,  we wanted to keep close to home. I found a cute Harvest Festival taking place at Carl Shurz park on the Upper East Side. We called the Juno and headed over stat. Mommy might have missed the comment section of stating to, COME EARLY! All the pumpkins were gone and the excitement had faded by the time we arrived. However, being little Tokyo tikes, they didn’t grasp the excitement of a pumpkin patch, or any missed fun. I clearly was the only one with FOMO, me and my childhood nostalgia. They kids just enjoyed the hay stacks, running the river boardwalk and climbing trees. Maybe it wasn’t a mommy fail after all, as I was the only one with slight discontent. #GetoveritSHORTY

Clearly we have been in Tokyo for nearly a decade, because the moment I heard “pumpkin patch”, I dressed everyone in city-meets-farm ensembles. HA! UM, let’s be clear, no one was in farm motif and my daugher’s outfit, was more 50’s school girl, than a modern, Elly May Clampett. I was excited, give me a break!  The boys however, rocked their denim. We are a LEVI’S family, in and out. Brand loyal 100%. I might have backslided a bit on the whole pumpkin pickin’ idea, but these blue jean babies had a hell of a day, and we discovered a new park destination!  Looking forward to finding an actual pumpkin patch for next weekend, so if you know, hook a mama up!

I’ve attached links to outfit details below. Happy Sunday!

I can’t travel without rice cakes. The kid is a snack attack.

Stopping to watch some b-ball.

Blue Jean Baby

This girl has no fear, she jumped from this branch after I took this.

Enjoying the view from the water front boardwalk
Da Boys

Coasting along the boardwalk. 

Where’s the boats, Dad?

Again, with a snack. I’ll be posting my favorite lunch box gems, for on-the-go with kids, soon!

The haystacks were the hit, we played hot lava, and the kids jump from stack to stack.


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