It’s been a random week. Columbus Day was off , and today we’re off for Yom Kippur. I live by a routine, but wingin’ it every once in awhile feels good. However, living in an apartment with toddlers = get the F outside when it’s nice, raining, or even a small hurricane. By 8AM every morning my living room is a vomit pile of throw pillow, Legos, Shopkins, and half eaten apples. To quote my mom “I can’t have anything nice!”. Hey mom, I feel you, bro! I’m pretty sure my son just took a ball point pen to my new couch, but that’s another blog. Thank God for the playroom in the building, I throw them in and let the Wild Things roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth on everything and anything other than Mommy’s ankles.

Anyway, as with my interior fashions, I can’t put my kids in anything “too” nice, or it’s literally putting berry stained $100 bills down a paper shredder. H&M is the price and performance destination for my kids. Maya’s been rocking it since a newborn, and Mommy considers the clothing to be durable, economical, and on trend. The collections are super cute, and not embossed with clowns, trains and cartoon motifs, (I buy that sh*t too), I’m just saying.

Maybe by my tone you can tell I had a bit of a “DAY”. We all have those, we aren’t always in control, sometimes the kids test every inch of patience during their tantrums, whining and blatant rebellions. Nonetheless, they roar their adorable roars and gnashed those cheeky, baby teeth and I melt into a puddle of MommyHood bliss and buy them Starburst.

Despite the hiccups, we love our explorations and the cubs were too cute in their H&M get ups. Links to OUTFIT details at the bottom!

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MAYA: Outfit no longer available, but similar. Shoes still in STOCK! : 

 No longer available, but this is cute: T-Shirt  



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