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How would I survive NYC without Makespace? Living in the city has so many perks, but space is far off that list. From baby items, holiday decor, golf clubs and seasonal clothing, there was physically NO SPACE for these items in my apartment. That’s why I gladly teamed up with Makespace to share their brilliant service, a VIRTUAL CLOSET!

I just received my Winter wardrobe, and gladly threw all my warm weather pieces into the clouds. The MAKESPACE APP, literally provides a service to have your unneeded clothing/things picked up at your home (with a bin provided). Those items are uploaded into your virtual closet, and when time comes for them to come home to mama, you just click on your desired item and it is re-delivered. The most convenient storage service imaginable. Truly a saving grace for city mom’s and those with closet overflow. I went from hoarder to Marie Kondo in a matter of minutes. Check out all the deets below on how to save your mind, time and SPACE!

MakeSpace Here you will find all of the  information on their unique service, and how easy it is to de-clutter and make your closet look like a boutique rather than a discard pile at Nordstrom Rack.

Click here to find all the cities offering MakeSpace services.

PRICING: Here are the various closet sizes you can choose from and their pricing. As a mom, I opted for a larger unit. It was so nice to store all of the children’s bicycles, play gyms and holiday decor.

Fall and Winter Essential Wishlist

While we are on the topic of Fall/Winter fashion, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite, “must have” pieces for the season of “BURRR”. Check out my items below and what I am craving right now. (Besides a Gingerbread Latte and Coffee Cake).

Chanyn Cheree


Essential Wishlist

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