Every weekend in Central Park, I see a bevy of photographers snapping picturesque shots of families in their Sunday best. Whether you love them or loathe them, family portraits are on many “to-do” lists this season.  Coordinating the outfits amongst a large family is as challenging as scouting your location and seeking a photographer with an open schedule. I rounded up some of my basic styling elements to utilize for family portraits. Hopefully these can be applied when you ransack all the closets for your photo-op.


Don’t match just coordinate. Everyone in plaid is not the jam anymore. Try sticking with a complimentary color scheme and mixing it up. For example, say Mom’s cardigan is matching the same hue as the daughter’s skirt and the boy’s suspenders. Pops of colors here and there are much more flattering than a universal “all black” theme or everyone in white and khaki.




Accessories are a fun way to balance different styling elements in a photo. Similar hats in different hues, or Dad’s tie matching his daughters headband or Mom’s brooch. Have fun with styling and bring it all together with accessories.





Stray away from distracting patterns but don’t be afraid of texture. Go for fun fabrications, printed tights, scarves, and layers to give the photo dimension and bring out your personalities. The kids will want to rock their Frozen or Toy Story motifs, but think of other ways to let them stand out. Like a dapper velvet blazer or a fur vest.



Home Décor

Apart from your holiday card and Facebook default pic, these pictures will end up on the walls of your home. Consider your interior color palette and how well the pictures will blend. Neutral is always a safe choice, but if you have vibrant throw pillows or a colorful floor rug, don’t be shy to pop in a little color with your outfits.


Keep it classic

Implement trends in texture or accessories, but keep the main silhouettes classic. These are images you’ll have up all year round, so maybe save  90’s overalls and oversized jackets for your street style snaps.


A little Practice…

I had a blast shooting with the kids in Central Park. Unfortunately, David was at work, but it was good practice for our family photo session and gave me an excuse to play dress up 🙂 Try dressing up the kids and taking a few pics at home to get an idea on a desired look or feel.


Happy family fashion hunting!!





Chanyn Cheree



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