Effortless. Stylish. Flattering.

There are a handful of things that come to mind when I go shopping or get dressed in the morning. The three mentioned above, undoubtedly rank at the top. I’d love to be head-to-toe GLAM on the daily, but let’s keep it real. My daughter’s ballet teacher really doesn’t take note of my fab clothing creations nor does my son give any F’s when he smears his chewed up banana down my blouse.

I am seasoned enough to know what fits my figure, what resists stains, and what’s currently trending. I fell in love with this wrap shirt from SHOPBOP and was equally as smitten when it arrived. It’s no-nonsense and pairs nicely with just about anything. Dress it up with leather leggings and over the knee boots or go casual with printed yoga pants and sneakers.

Universal shirts like these are fundamental in my attempts to maximize closet space and find pieces more suitable for my lifestyle.

“Being a mom is the best, especially when we feel our best! Would love to hear what other mommy’s gravitate towards for their GO-TO fashion, because let’s face it, Friends don’t let Friends wear bad outfits.”


Chanyn Cheree


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